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Junk Removal

If you are running out of space or just want to get rid of some junk give us a call. We do houses, garages, basements, foreclosures, and anywhere else you have garbage or trash.

We will come and pick up anything you have. We use dollies, moving straps and some good ole brute force to move any object of any size. You don’t have to do anything. Are trailers are built to haul multiple things so we can move as much as we can allowing for an efficient process.

Once we have our space cleaned up we will sweep or vacuum your space so you don’t have to worry anymore and you can enjoy your newly freed up space. We take refrigerators, washers/dryers, stoves, microwaves, air conditioners, water heaters, printers, computers, copiers, scrap metal. If you have something that isn’t on this list give us a call and we can discuss the details.



Junk Removal Fergus Falls, MN